My First Web Page (aka Week 2 Summary)

Well, creating a page was a little easier than I thought.  Once you practice using the code and get a feel for things, it’s not so bad.  I say this, but I made a very, very, very basic page.  It reminds me of math, you have to be very specific with your coding-following the formulas to get what you want.  I downloaded a free text editor, Text Wrangler (the icon is to the right), to help write the coding for the page.  This also really helped me understand how the internet really works.  You read about it in a book and understand that it is an exchange of files from one server to your computer, but actually making a webpage really helps you see how much work goes into making a website.

We also spent a lot of time reading about color.  I love everything about color – nothing inspires me more than colors.  So this topic was also very interesting to me.  I had used Adobe Kuler for a previous class, but reading about different color schemes in our book helped me to understand how to put Kuler to better use.  I find this class very interesting so far and am excited to keep learning.