Animating Images

I was very excited to learn how to animate symbols this week.  I have always had a vision of what I wanted to do for my sister’s website, which is what I have decided to work on for my final project, and this will help with what I have in mind.  It is by no means a high tech animation, but it is enough to add interest to the website.

My sister has already started sending me lots of pictures to use for her site and we’ve discussed a general idea of the content.  We talk and spend time with each other pretty frequently, so it should not a problem to get feedback from her.  She is pretty excited herself about getting a website.  I am pretty excited myself as I love make up and all that “girlie” stuff too and I feel like I have my first real client.  It helps me feel a little closer to my goal of becoming a graphic designer.

I am also happy with the outcome of my banner design thus far.  In general, I feel like I have learned a lot.  I am no “coding” wizard, but Adobe software is pretty user friendly once you learn your way around.  I’m looking forward to learning more as we move along.

Here is a link to the animated banner I created.


MIlton Glaser

I may be one of the few people on earth who did not know who Milton Glaser is…I was recently checking out a sale dedicated to his prints, etc on when I decided to dig a little deeper.  I googled him and came upon his website, which is where I learned that he established his design company in NYC in 1974 (the year I was born).  This man has been designing for 37 years!

Looking at his company’s work, I realized that I have seen his work in my everyday
world without realizing it was him.  Being a novice/occasional knitter, I’ve bought the Lion Brand Yarn for which Glaser’s company has designed the label.  I remember noticing when they changed the design thinking how much better it looked. Here is some more of his work….


Design is everywhere…book covers, albums, magazines, print ads, bags, packaging, toys, beer bottle, T-shirts.  It draws us into things.  You pick up that book because of the cover, you want to listen to that unfamiliar band because of the album art, you buy that eyeshadow palette you don’t need because it’s pretty.  It is the art of the everyday world.


I am obsessed with Pinterest!  I know this has probably been around awhile, but it is a new discovery for me.  I love collecting images – I’ve done it since childhood.  I’d flip through magazines (Elle and Vogue) and cut out pictures of models or clothes I thought were beautiful.  I learned to draw from these pictures, trying to make portraits of the models.  I would trace an outline of their faces and then practice shading – until I eventually forced myself to practice without tracing.

Even as an adult I have a cork board in my home “office” with magazine clippings that I’ve collected – I might like the way light is reflected in an ad for a vase or the art direction of a high end fashion ad.  I have folders filled with things that are inspiration for ideas I want to work on.

Pinterest makes this so much easier!  I often find things online that I bookmark or download the image to a folder in my computer.  Now with a click on the “pin it” button that Pinterest had me add to  my browser bar I can add it and group it according to interest! For instance, I am obsessed with tiles right now because I want to create a “backsplash” in my kitchen.  I want something beautiful and creative, so i have been collecting images and created a “tiles” board on Pinterest!

Project 2 in November!

I feel like a total ass for turning this project in soooo late, but I did it!     

I learned a lot quickly about using Illustrator with this project.  I had to create 3 images from the scissors I drew in my earlier blog.  The images are close up of various parts of the scissors, so that you may or may not be able to recognize that they are scissors.

I spent the most time on the first image (artboard).  Coloring in the black was sooooo hard at first, but then as I moved to the next board I realized how I could make things much easier just reducing things to shapes.  When you are used to pen and paper and paint and charcoal for drawing, its daunting to figure out how to make what you do translate over into a computer program.  But the second board made me realize that the fundamentals are the same.  Reduce the images to shapes and build on that.  By the time I got to the third board I felt way more comfortable and was able to maneuver through much faster.  Well…here is my first project using Adobe Illustrator…

Beatriz Milhazes

I love, love, love Beatriz Milhazes!

Her style is distinct and you can tell a Milhazes by looking at it. I love the sense of movement, the vibrant colors, geometric shapes and repetition of patterns.  It’s these simple elements combined into something complex and alive.  I’m no Milhazes, but I do feel that I can relate to her work in that I am drawn to vibrant colors and like having a sense of movement.

What I really admire and take away from Milhazes is that she takes her theme and explores it in various mediums  – she paints in acrylics, makes collages incorporating newsprint, paints murals, creates ceramic floors, window installations, screenprints, makes mobiles and has created sets for dance productions.

I like the idea of taking something and seeing how many different places you can take it.  It is interesting to see how it evolves or changes between mediums.  Here is an interesting video from from an exhibit she had in February of this year in Switzerland.  I was awestruck when I saw the sculpture/mobile.  She takes her ideas, motifs, themes and makes them real.  It’s like experiencing the painting as a living thing, a world in itself made tangible.  Even when she is using the same medium, like painting, it is the same thing made new.

I sometimes feel like I am just repeating myself when I paint.   I find myself making the same swirly
motif over and over – I sometimes think that it is fear from moving away from what you know.  With her work I can see that it can be more like what O’Keefe did with her flowers.  O’Keefe kept abstracting, trying to get to the essence of the flowers.  Maybe this is not Milhazes’ intention, but what I take away is that you can explore the same things without repeating yourself.  You can make an idea or motif new by seeing what happens when you make it three dimensional, the setting of another work or what happens when natural light becomes an element in your work your work.  So instead of thinking that I have to abandon what I think is my “style”, maybe I just have to explore it in a new way – expand on what it is.

If you’re interested in seeing more of this great artist, you can go to Facebook or the Durham Press Blog.


Video Project

Well I have to remix a video for my 3rd project.  It was hard to narrow down the choices from the copyright-free options.  Most of the videos are from the 50s and a little weird.  There was one in particular called “Boys Beware” that warned against molesters and another anti-pornography video from 1961.

I’m using a video called Emotional Maturity, which is one of many films about dating from the period.   I had a hard time figuring out, as usual, where to start.  But following the professors advice, I focused on the audio/music and it all kind of fell into place. I am going to use a few NIN tracks from a copyright free album called Ghosts.  The tone of the tracks makes the video seem darker.  The story is essentially about a guy named Dave getting dumped by Jill, who is going to date “Jim Dawson” who is a little more emotionally mature (and better at sports, owns a car and his own Dad even likes him better) than Dave.  I want to heighten everything, make it more melodramatic.

I have only tried to make a video one other time, it was when I first got my macbook and decided to play with the video software.  I called it Killer Octopus – it was a video of Buster when he was a puppy growing very angry with a toy octopus. I wanted to post the original video, but you have to pay this site to make that happen…

If I can find a way to share it, I will post it here.


I finally drew a picture of scissors.  I could not use any shading and it really frustrated me. My first attempt was too flat.  I decided to redraw the scissors at a different angle so I could add some dimension to it.  I focused more on the circle, finger holes because I found it more interesting.  I hate the image of the straight blades.  Now I have to dwindle it to a final 3 and experiment with some effects in Illustrator…to be continued…