Animating Images

I was very excited to learn how to animate symbols this week.  I have always had a vision of what I wanted to do for my sister’s website, which is what I have decided to work on for my final project, and this will help with what I have in mind.  It is by no means a high tech animation, but it is enough to add interest to the website.

My sister has already started sending me lots of pictures to use for her site and we’ve discussed a general idea of the content.  We talk and spend time with each other pretty frequently, so it should not a problem to get feedback from her.  She is pretty excited herself about getting a website.  I am pretty excited myself as I love make up and all that “girlie” stuff too and I feel like I have my first real client.  It helps me feel a little closer to my goal of becoming a graphic designer.

I am also happy with the outcome of my banner design thus far.  In general, I feel like I have learned a lot.  I am no “coding” wizard, but Adobe software is pretty user friendly once you learn your way around.  I’m looking forward to learning more as we move along.

Here is a link to the animated banner I created.


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