Animating Images

I was very excited to learn how to animate symbols this week.  I have always had a vision of what I wanted to do for my sister’s website, which is what I have decided to work on for my final project, and this will help with what I have in mind.  It is by no means a high tech animation, but it is enough to add interest to the website.

My sister has already started sending me lots of pictures to use for her site and we’ve discussed a general idea of the content.  We talk and spend time with each other pretty frequently, so it should not a problem to get feedback from her.  She is pretty excited herself about getting a website.  I am pretty excited myself as I love make up and all that “girlie” stuff too and I feel like I have my first real client.  It helps me feel a little closer to my goal of becoming a graphic designer.

I am also happy with the outcome of my banner design thus far.  In general, I feel like I have learned a lot.  I am no “coding” wizard, but Adobe software is pretty user friendly once you learn your way around.  I’m looking forward to learning more as we move along.

Here is a link to the animated banner I created.


Final Project Proposals

The first idea I have is for my youngest sister’s freelance make up business.  She has been slowly growing it over the years and we have often talked about how having a website would be beneficial to her business.  Working together we would be able to create a good amount of content together as over the years we’ve brainstormed a lot of ideas and she has been kind of bugging me to help out with this anyway.  There is a tren show this weekend that she is working for Smashbox Cosmetics in Annapolis that I can go to to get photographs, in addition to upcoming weddings.  I could also reach out to any number of her friends for wedding pictures to showcase her make up work (she’s literally done the make up for 98% of her 10,000 friends).

We’ve also talked about setting up a photo shoot to display her more creative side (like in fashion magazines).  I would also create a page that spoke of her background, a Q&A page where she offers advise for frequently asked questions and/or a blog about products or trends she likes, a page about the services she offers and contact information.  We would have to come up with her corporate identity but we have been working on that concept already.

My second idea is to create a portfolio of my work.  It would include digital work from the 3 graphic design classes I’ve taken so far in addition to my artwork (drawing/painting).  Honestly, I feel that working on my sister’s site is the better idea for now.  I do want a website to showcase my work, but I do not really feel that I have enough work in this medium yet to make an impact.  I believe that my sister’s site would be a better choice to help build my own portfolio.

Using all this new software is crazy…

You really need to practice the software to be able to create digital art.  It is frustrating in that you have to start with the basics as opposed to just being able to draw something.  It took me forever to figure out how I was going to draw an acorn and a leaf to help create a Fall theme for this week’s banner assignment.  THen I realized that I had to just break it down and think about the shapes. So I googled pictures of leaves and acorns.  The acorn I just tried to copy a digital image I saw online and for the leaf, I imported a picture of a real leaf and traced it with the pen tool in Fireworks.  I then played with different textures to try to get a realistic look.  So here are what the first drafts of my two banners look like:

I personally prefer the first image.  I like that the colors are vibrant.  I wanted to recreate a kaleidoscope feel.  I focused on creating one half of the image and used shadows to give a more 3D feel.  Once I was satisfied with the the one side, I copied the image and used to software to flip it – create a mirror image.  I definitely learned how to create some shortcuts for myself.  I wish I was as comfortable with creating my first webpage…I guess I have to just keep practicing.