Video Project

Well I have to remix a video for my 3rd project.  It was hard to narrow down the choices from the copyright-free options.  Most of the videos are from the 50s and a little weird.  There was one in particular called “Boys Beware” that warned against molesters and another anti-pornography video from 1961.

I’m using a video called Emotional Maturity, which is one of many films about dating from the period.   I had a hard time figuring out, as usual, where to start.  But following the professors advice, I focused on the audio/music and it all kind of fell into place. I am going to use a few NIN tracks from a copyright free album called Ghosts.  The tone of the tracks makes the video seem darker.  The story is essentially about a guy named Dave getting dumped by Jill, who is going to date “Jim Dawson” who is a little more emotionally mature (and better at sports, owns a car and his own Dad even likes him better) than Dave.  I want to heighten everything, make it more melodramatic.

I have only tried to make a video one other time, it was when I first got my macbook and decided to play with the video software.  I called it Killer Octopus – it was a video of Buster when he was a puppy growing very angry with a toy octopus. I wanted to post the original video, but you have to pay this site to make that happen…

If I can find a way to share it, I will post it here.


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