Why must I always procrastinate…

You would think that something as simple as selecting an object to draw in black and white, in its simplest form, would be as easy as it sounds. Well, not if it’s me.  It’s not that I don’t want to do it…I just get so caught up in wanting everything to be perfect that I put myself in a state of paralysis. I over-think each choice. Stalling, making it bigger and bigger until I am so overwhelmed that I don’t feel like dealing with it.  I’ll surf the net, read a book or watch a show.  Meanwhile, the task at hand is simultaneously weighing on my mind, building upon my anxiety.  Ugghhhhh…This is where I am right now at 11:09pm on Sunday night.  I should have done this last week, but this is the point I had to put myself in order to make something happen…

My friend Melissa suggested I draw my glasses (two weeks ago).  I thought this was a great idea, but I kind of need them to see and decided that I could think of something better.

My husband suggested an iron (last week).  I thought this was a great idea, why overthink it when I could just pick something simple and that was just sitting there anyway.  Then I decided I did not want to draw an iron because there had to be something better.

 I then decided on drawing a bottle of perfume.  I think perfume bottles are so pretty and love the way the light reflects against them.  I thought it would be visually interesting the way I could use black and white to illustrate the weight, thickness and liquid in the glass.

Then I reread the project description and it states that the object should be a man-made mechanical object with moving parts… Ugghhhh!  So now I am thinking about going with scissors, maybe…

My co-worker calls my personality “Type T’ – thrill seeking because you put things off until the last minute because you like the rush you get from feeling under the gun. Whatever it is, it’s real annoying because once I start I always realize it was not as serious as I made it out to be.

So tomorrow I am just going to pick one of these things and just draw it!


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