A Blog of my very own…

I’ve always been curious about blogging but afraid to give it a try…”What if I couldn’t find anything to say?”…”What if no one finds it interesting?”…

So I figure that I’ll start by doing one more thing I rarely do – share my art and thoughts on the process of creating with the world (or just the 8 people in CAT 111).

I stopped working on this a few months ago when I felt like I was just getting lost!  What I am having issues with is that I had no intention, other than the color scheme, when I started painting it.  I just went with it and now it looks like a big plop of chaotic, swirly color.  There are parts I wish I could just erase or lighten.  It’s watercolor, so I can’t just paint over.  I made an attempt to darken some areas, but I don’t like how that looks.  It seems dull and I like colors to be vibrant versus a murky purple.

I do like that there is a sense of movement.  I want to keep the focal area/flowery looking part…so I am thinking the solution is to make this painting into a collage.  I can cut out the area I like and glue it on top of a dark background. It would break up the monotony of the color, which is problematic as well.  I can paint some more “swirls” new colors and sizes.  I’m also thinking that the fact that it will be a collage will give it another dimension by adding texture.

Making a collage would be new to me too; it’s not where I would have thought this would ever end up.  But that’s what I like most about art – you start from one point with one thought and almost always end up somewhere you weren’t expecting.

Or I might just forget it and work on painting a portrait of my dog.  Either way, I’ll keep the blog posted…


One response to “A Blog of my very own…

  1. I love the colors and the movement of the painting. I do agree with you about the stuck feeling though, I think it would look nice in a light colored hallway or maybe even an entryway with a light color paint for the walls but I wouldn’t put it in a bedroom. I’ve never been good at watercolor but I do like your sense of experience with it. Keep it up! I want to see more!

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